The Greek Institute of Orgonomy (GINOR) is a research, educational and training organization through which we seek the following:

1. To present a contemporary critical approach to Wilhelm Reich’s work, both using theoretical tools – through comparative study and other fields of knowledge, such as natural sciences, epistemology, philosophy, etc. – as well as experimental research, through INΟR’s Heraclitos laboratories.

2. To highlight the multifaceted work of the psychiatrist and natural scientist Wilhelm Reich and his contribution to many different cognitive fields (medical and biological sciences, psychology, sociology, physics, cosmology), without slipping into idolisation, uncritical and obsessive acceptance of his experimental findings and his theoretical hypotheses or the sterile and stereotypical repetition of his views.

3. Promote and disseminate the applications of Orgonomy and the benefits of physical and psychiatric orgonotherapy to the general public and keep the heritage and work of Wilhelm Reich live to be accessible to future generations.

4. To create, through the GINOR official website, a place for information and reflection on contemporary issues of mental health, sociology, science and philosophical reflection.

The Greek Institute of Orgonomy is a non-profit civil society, whose scientific supervisor is the psychiatrist and homeopath Nassos Teopoulos.