A participant comments on the First Introductory Seminar

RK: The 1st Seminar and how it helped me

• The Seminar helped me piece together my fragmented knowledge of Orgonomy, by adding a lot of new information, thereby forming a comprehensive whole. We examined life and armoring, on a characterological, biological and social level, very thoroughly, through Orgonomic equations, and that made me feel that we finally have a credible tool for interpreting and understanding the world.
• It helped me better understand myself, my character, the origins of its formation and the way I am. By examining the basic character types (my favorite part of the seminar) I understood new things about my parents, their marriage, my childhood, my brother and other loved ones. I believe it helped me understand the reasoning behind some of their traits and “make peace” with them, however much I dislike them; I now try not to take personally what they do or say, as I understand these things are typical to their character and therefore justifiable as defenses; and I also understand how difficult it is for them to abandon these practices. Of course, the previous does not mean I do not allow myself to voice my opinion about something I consider unhealthy or annoying just because now I understand it better, but by understanding their behavior, I dissociate myself emotionally and do not let the situation get to me as before.
• It helped me with my work. I now understand better how my problems (especially my rigid and hard to please superego) influence the way I handle my students and experience the class. I feel that at the end of the current school year (2015-2016) I have a far better understanding of my mistakes and many new ideas on how to change the way I teach in order to make it more pleasant for the students, as well as for myself.
• It helped me with my therapy—or, at least, so I believe. It gave me a push and I believe I have better contact with myself now.
• It helped me feel more comfortable and familiar with the science of Orgonomy, which now became something I could better relate to, beyond my therapy. I understood that Orgonomy, though very interesting and concrete, it is not “the one and only truth”, neither are the orgonomist “completely healthy people”. This realization made me more relaxed and put things in a more realistic perspective. Before attending the seminar I felt awestruck with Orgonomy as I understood it (I had not read very much), but this awe was not creative, because it kept me at a distance. Now, despite the awe I still feel with Reich’s discoveries, I believe they are more accessible to me, and I do not hold them on a pedestal any more.
• Indirectly, it helped me—finally—enter a beautiful relationship. Through the study of characters, the better understanding of myself (and my phallicness, which made me drive away potential partners) and the push I received from the seminar, I was able to evolve in my personal life.