The sitting of man, the vision of the prophet and the turning of vision into powerdrunkenness in the little apostles of the great prophets constitute the trio that is the reproductive system of man’s misery.

Wilhelm Reich, The Murder of Christ

Certain “advocates” of Orgonomy, who usually have no personal scientific orgonomic work to show, unfortunately sound like an echo of Reich and some of his descendants whom they consider his “genuine” representatives. They regurgitate the writings of the “great prophet”, and often behave as zealots who passionately and fanatically defend Orgonomy’s “authenticity” as practiced by their chosen descendants, thereby often embarrassing, apart from themselves, those who supposedly they side with. They always find ways to fit Reich to what they believe is the “orthodox” version of Orgonomy, and as “little apostles of the great prophets” degenerate it by turning it into an obsession, thus doing it a great disservice and in the worst possible way. In their passionate ranting, they delude themselves believing they are the only ones who know the “orthodox” exponents of the “dogma”. Expressing their “sadness” while in reality hiding their spite, they discover their “opponent’s” characterological limitations, while at the same time fail to see their own restrictions. The tragic result of all these actions is nothing more than the further fragmentation and painful split of Orgonomy. The public and impertinent “civil” polemics against the heterodox, which definitely do Reich and his legacy an injustice, hurt Orgonomy itself and, in some especially sad cases, damage it irreparably. Such attitudes bring up unhealthy behaviors from people who, because of their involvement in Orgonomy, should function in a healthier way and therefore with less criticism and dogmatism. Unfortunately, these polemics project exactly the opposite and this is definitely defaming Orgonomy itself.

My personal opinion is that these people would better serve the cause of Orgonomy if they avoided name-calling and refrained from issuing “certificates of authenticity” and “loyalty” to the “orthodox” Orgonomy. I believe it would be more useful and to Orgonomy’s benefit if they focused on their own work and on everything they can or think they can offer, avoiding disdaining and dismissing of others. Everyone has the right to one’s opinion and it should be respected as long as this opinion can be argued for in a documented way. The negative and personal name-calling, however, and the arrogant defense of beliefs that claim to be infallible, have no place in a healthy contrast of ideas and beliefs. I think it is an unmistakable sign of emotional health if one can recognize the positive in others, promote it selflessly and, given enough moral stature, even help them fulfill it, instead of ignoring or slandering them directly or indirectly. In the end, we will all be judged for what we did and not for what we said of others.