Get to know the psychotherapeutic technique that offers solutions, fighting the origin of the problem.

The Greek Institute of Orgonomy organises the Introductory Seminar on Orgonotherapy, which is aimed at all those interested in deepening the role of the mental world in our everyday life, both in interpersonal relationships and in our relations with society. This seminar presents and analyses the factors that determine the character’s formation during the early years of the child’s life. There are also discussed and explored ways of healthy upbringing of babies and children, ensuring their natural development, which is a prerequisite for a creative and happy life.

The lessons describe the Reich treatment method by which the physical, healthy functioning of the individual can be restored to relieve anxiety, depression and other emotional disturbances. References to the wider work of Wilhelm Reich, which goes beyond the field of psychology, are made to make it easier to understand and apply his discoveries.

Lecturer is the psychiatrist and homeopath Mr Nassos Teopoulos. The seminar was held in Athens and Thessaloniki in 2013 and 2016 in the form of open lectures for the public, and was conducted for the third time in 2019.

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Detailed program

The seminar is structured in five courses, with 9 monthly lectures, according to the following program.

1st course (2 lectures):
Stages of psychosexual development, mental structure, contact, genitality, health and mental illness, child upbringing.

2nd course (2 lectures):
Armoring (body and character, stratification), function of the orgasm, goal of treatment, technique.

3rd course (3 lectures):
Character analysis, presentation of various types of characters, typical symptoms, treatment.

4th course (1 lecture):
Sociopolitical characters. The influence of the character structure on political beliefs and social behavior.

5th course (1 lecture):
Biopathies. The concept of biopathy according to Orgonomy. Analysis of typical body biopathies.