The Library of Orgonomy

Wilhelm Reich: Complete works Editions “Reo”, with the collaboration of the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust Fund which controls the publishing rights to Reich’s books, and with the scientific overseeing of psychiatrist-orgone therapist Nassos Teopoulos M.D. and child psychiatrist-orgone therapist George Argyreas, M.D. has set up a project for the publication of the complete works of Wilhelm Reich.

Editions “Reo” aspire to publish Reich’s most important books and offer them to the Greek public in new and scientifically checked translations.

So far, the following books have been published:

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Passion of Youth: Autobiography 1897-1922
Beyond Psychology: Letters and Journals 1934-1939
The Emotional Plague: Studies of Social Pathology


The Discovery of the Orgone, Volume I: The Function of the Orgasm
The Discovery of the Orgone, Volume II: The Cancer Biopathy
The Bion Experiments – On the Origin of Life

Other authors’ works Reo Publishing is currently featuring works of other authors on orgonomic topics.


Peter Jones: Orgonomic Midwifery
Morton Herskowitz, DO: Emotional Armor
Chester Raphael, MD: Robert Dew, MD: The Orgonomic Diagnosis of Cancer Biopathy & Wilhelm Reich’s Cancer Biopathy
James E. Martin: Wilhelm Reich and The Cold War