The three excerpts are from the book “Ether, God & Devil / Cosmic Superimposition” by Wilhelm Reich, M.D., Farrar, Straus & Giroux, New York 1973.

The Function of Superimposition

We have learned to reduce form to movement. Form, in orgonomic functional thinking, is frozen movement. Ample evidence has indicated that superimposition is due to bio-energetic forces functioning beyond voluntary control. The two orgonotic systems involved are driven to superimpose by a force that, under natural conditions, i.e., not restricted by outer or inner hindrances, is beyond their control. It is involuntarybio-energetic action. Basically, this function cannot be stopped, just as the heartbeat or intestinal peristalsis cannot be stopped, except by forceful interference or by death.

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Superimposition in Galactic Systems

We are turning now toward the macrocosmic phenomena of orgonotic superimposition. The bridge from the microcosmic and bio-energetic to the macrocosmic realm is contained in the well- established principle of the “orgonomic potential.” This basic function is sufficient to explain the growth of microcosmic into macrocosmic orgonotic systems. The first superimposition of two orgone energy units necessarily disturbs the equilibrium of the evenness of distribution of cosmic energy through formation of a first “stronger” energy system. This first stronger system from now onward attracts other, weaker units and thus grows. There is basically no limit to the growth of an orgonotic system except by solidification or freezing of energy into inert mass. This same principle also holds for living orgonotic systems.

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Gravitational Superimposition

Any attempt at an orgonomic theory of gravitation must proceed from functional and not mechanical principles. It will, first, have to abandon the absolute, eternal view of gravitation and replace it by the genetic view, according to which the basic natural laws themselves are being created and perish again as do all other natural functions. According to this view,the gravitation of inert masses toward each other must have arisen with the creation of mass from mass-free primal cosmic energy. It will, second, dispose of the mechanical gravitation of classical physics, not by mathematical abstractions, but by the closest possible observation of actual gravitational functions.

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