1927 Genitality in the Theory and Therapy of Neurosis (The first version of the book titled “The Function of the Orgasm”.)

1932 The Invasion of Compulsory Sex Morality

1933 Character Analysis (3rd edition)

1933 Mass Psychology of Fascism

1936 The Sexual Revolution

1937 The Bioelectrical Investigation of Sexuality and Anxiety

1938 The Bion Experiments

1942 The Function of the Orgasm, The discovery of the Orgone, Volume I

1948 The Cancer Biopathy, The Discovery of the Orgone, Volume II

1948 Listen! Little Man

1950 Ether, God and Devil

1950 Cosmic Superimposition

1951 The Orgone Energy Accumulator: Its Scientific and Medical Use

1953 People in Trouble

1953 The Murder of Christ

1953 The Einstein Affair

1957 Contact with Space

Books with W. Reich’s work published after his death

1960 Selected Writings

1967 Reich Speaks of Freud

1972 Sex-Pol Essays

1975 Early Writings

1982 Record of a friendship: The Correspondence of Wilhelm Reich and A.S. Neil

1983 Children of the Future

1988 Passion of Youth (Letters & Journals 1897-1922)

1994 Beyond Psychology (Letters & Journals 1934-1939)

1999 American Odyssey (Letters & Journals 1940-1947)

2012 Where’s the Truth? (Letters & Journals 1948-1957)

1942-45 International Journal of Sex-Economy and Orgone Research

1942-49 Annals of the Orgone Institute

1949-54 Orgone Energy Bulletin

1954-55 CORE (Cosmic Orgone Engineering)

Journals with W. Reich’s work published after his death

1955-56 Orgonomic Medicine

1990-96 Orgonomic Functionalism