Training in Bioenergetic Body Psychotherapy and Character Analysis (Orgonetherapy)

Bioenergetic Body Psychotherapy and Character Analysis (Orgonetherapy), as it was developed and introduced by Freud’s student psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich, is a valuable tool in the hands of mental health care professionals. It is a complete and scientifically documented psychotherapeutic technique, that effectively treats psychic and psychosomatic (biopathic) disturbances, without necessarily resorting to the use of psychotropic medication.

It is based in the technique of Character Analysis and in biophysical work, i.e. in the physical processing of tensions and muscular rigidities of the body, which bind and suppress emotions, thereby averting their experiencing, realization, expression and cathartic release.

The training program comprises of four years of lessons and seminars and then continues on, in the form of our “continuing education program”, with the on-going Clinical Seminar where everyone presents cases and discusses therapeutic problems. The program started in 2019-2020 Academic Year and is addressed to mental health care professionals (physicians, psychologists and social workers), who wish to train in the technique of Bioenergetic Body Psychotherapy and Character Analysis (Orgonetherapy). Mandatory for attending the Training Program, is a personal interview with the candidate.

The seminars are taught by Nassos Teopoulos, Psychiatrist and Homeopath, and Themistocles Tzotzas, Endocrinologist.

The cornerstone of the Training Program is the personal therapy of the trainees and the establishment of a relatively healthy biopsychic structure, through their own bioenergetic body psychotherapy (orgonetherapy) and their adequate characterological restructuring.

The Training Program is offered to English-speaking students, through simultaneous translation and visual material in English.

For information regarding the Program, you may contact us at e-mail:, or by calling +210-760-9080 (Greece).

See detailed curriculum HERE.