The Lifelong Learning Center BPPCA trains physicians and psychologists, as well as medicine and psychology students, in the technique of Bioenergetic Physical Psychotherapy and Character Analysis, that is in Orgone Therapy, the psychotherapeutic technique that psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich founded in 1940 in the USA.

The four-year curriculum includes the basic concepts and principles of orgone therapy and character analysis, the mechanisms of the physiology of healthy functionality and the pathophysiology of mental disorders, the topographic and functional anatomy of the human body and the clinical entities of character analysis and psychiatric nosology. It also includes training in physical techniques of physical psychotherapy, attending clinical case reporting seminars, and practicing of trainees with individual sessions and supervision on their patients. An indispensable prerequisite for the practice of bioenergetic physical psychotherapy and character analysis (orgone therapy), but also a cornerstone of education, is the personal character restructure of trainees themselves through their own individual psychotherapy.