1st Course

  1. Developmental or Evolutionary Psychology I & II
  2. Body and Emotional Armor – The Function of the Orgasm and Orgonotic Contact
  3. Individual Psychology
  4. Physiology I
  5. Anatomy
  6. Hands-on workshop in somatic techniques
  7. Clinical Theory I
  8. Research Methodology

2nd Course

  1. Character and characterology
  2. Psychosomatic disturbances (Biopathies)
  3. Social Psychology (Sociopolitical characters)
  4. Physiology II
  5. Neurophysiology
  6. Psychopathology of Adults and Children
  7. Clinical Theory II
  8. Ethics

3rd Course

  1. The Technique of Orgonetherapy I & ΙΙ
  2. Clinical Supervision Ι


  1. Neuropsychology
  2. The Technique of Orgonetherapy III
  3. Orgonomic Functionalism
  4. Clinical Supervision ΙΙ


Note: For those holding a medical degree the anatomy and physiology classes, in the 1st and 2nd year, are optional.

Psychotherapy and supervision sessions
Theoretical and clinical training will be considered complete when trainees, in addition to their individual Bioenergetic Body  Psychotherapy and Character Analysis sessions, undergo an adequate number of individual supervision sessions, additionally to their group supervision sessions during the clinical seminar. The required number of individual sessions and supervision is determined in accordance with the standards of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP).

Laboratory course
The Institute of Orgonomy is organizing an optional laboratory course on orgone biophysics and orgonomic microscopy, for those trainees wishing to learn in depth the basic principles of orgonomic science.