1923-1934  He develops the theory of orgasm and the technic of Character Analysis. (Books: The Function of the Orgasm and Character Analysis.)

1928-1934  He discovers the importance of the Respiratory Block and of the Muscular Armor in Neurosis (Book: The Function of the Orgasm.)

1923-1934  He distinguishes the self-regulating primary natural drives from the secondary, perverted impulses, according to the principles of sexeconomy. (Book: The Function of the Orgasm.)

1930-1934  He studies and recognizes the role of irrationalism and of the human sexual economy in the origin of dictatorships of all political denominations. (Book: The Mass Psychology of Fascism.)

1934  Discovery of the orgasm reflex. (Book: The Function of the Orgasm.)

1935-1936  He investigates the bio-electrical nature of sexuality and anxiety. (Book: The Function of the Orgasm.)

1936-1939  Discovery of the orgone energy vesicles (bions). (Books: The Bions και The Cancer Biopathy.)

1936-1939  He discovers that the cancer cell can be produced from bionously disintegrated animal tissue and observes the organization of protozoa from bionously disintegrated moss and grass. (Book: The Cancer Biopathy.)

1937  Discovery of T-bacilli in sarcoma. (Book: The Cancer Biopathy.)

1939  Discovery of bio-energy (orgone) in sand packet (SAPA) bions. (Book: The Cancer Biopathy.)

1940  Discovery of orgone energy in the atmosphere. (Book: The Cancer Biopathy.)

1940  Invention of the Orgone Energy Accumulator. (Book: The Cancer Biopathy.)

1944  Invention of the Orgone Energy Meter. (Book: The Cancer Biopathy.)

1940-1945  Experimental orgone therapy of the cancer biopathy. (Book: The Cancer Biopathy.)

1945  Πειραματική διερεύνηση της πρωτογενούς βιογένεσης (Πείραμα ΧΧ). (Book: The Cancer Biopathy.)

1945  Method of orgonomic functionalism. (Book: Ether, God and Devil.)

1947  Investigation of the emotional plague of man, which is now recognized as a disturbance of the bioenergetic equilibrium. (Book: Character Analysis, 3rd Edition.)

1949-1950  Orgonometric Equations. (Journal: Orgone Energy Bulletin.)

1951   Discovery of the function of Cosmic Superimposition and its role in living and non-living nature. (Book: Cosmic Superimposition.)

1947-1951  Investigation of the anti-nuclear effects of the orgone. (Journal: Orgone Energy Bulletin.)

1951-1952  Discovery of DOR (Deadly Orgone Energy), identification of its properties and its specific toxicity (DOR Sickness). (Journal: Orgone Energy Bulletin.)

1951-1954  Identification of Melanor, Orite, Brownite and Orine[1] (initial steps towards a preatomic chemistry). (Journals: Orgone Energy Bulletin and CORE.)

1952-1955  Use of the “reversed” orgonomic potential in the removal of dor from the atmosphere in cloudbusting and weather control. (Journals: Orgone Energy Bulletin and CORE.)

1954-1955  Theory of desert formation in nature and within man (emotional plague) and demonstration of their reversibility (OROP Desert Ea and the Medical DOR Buster).[2] (Journal: CORE.)

1954-1955  Formulation of the theory that diseases have to do with DOR concentration in the tissues. (Journal: CORE.)

1950-1957  Gravity and anti-gravity equations. (Unreleased notes.)

1951-1957   Development and practical application of Social Psychiatry. (Unreleased notes.)

[1]   Names Reich gave to substances he observed developing on the rocks of the walls of the Observatory or he produced himself after the Oranur experiment. He theorized that their production is governed by functions that take place at a level prior to the material (atomic) basis of chemical reactions. The science investigating their nature he named “preatomic chemistry”.

[2]   A device designed by Reich to directly absorb DOR from the  organism.